Web and Application Development Services

I am available for freelance web and application programming related jobs. Please use the Feedback Form with any questions.

My availability varies depending on commitments to my day job at the time, so I’m most suited for ad hoc changes to sites and projects that most organisations have, where they’ve lost their tamed programmer. I am also happy to take on tasks that others find too small to be worth their time and effort, particularly by large development houses.

Rates are hourly and can be discussed up front. The time charged for is purely the time doing the job and testing, as well as any research that might be needed that is specific to the task at hand (for example, other internal systems for interoperability).

My background is a Computer Science degree in Computer Science, and I am generally at home with any language and platform given time and a good reference manual. Below is a list of some of the environments I spend most of my time with, but doesn’t include others that I’m currently familiarising myself with such as AngularJS and Laravel.


  • Microsoft .NET C# and VB
  • PHP (on Linux or Windows)
  • C/C++

Frameworks and Libraries

  • .NET MVC
  • .NET Web API
  • WordPress
  • Drupal
  • jQuery

So many fascinating things, so little time.